With all of the dust just about clear on the latest site renovations, I’m pleased to be able to move on with new content at long last. If you’ve been around for a while then you know I’m infamous for doing an update then walking away until the next update. I cringe as I recall “Cooking with MC2”; all the hours spent developing it and designing for it just to scrap the whole thing when I dropped out of culinary school. Surely not a collection of my finest moments, but already I’m pleased with the pre-planning I’ve completed for 2018. Let’s all cross our fingers!



MCsquared Tech is in full swing as the warmer season finally arrived. Weekly trash-night drives, hunting for electronic treasures and machines have resumed. I’m pleased to announce I have a healthy stock of items to be reintroduced into the world via Goodwill and other outreach services, as well as a growing bin of scrap material to be recycled. As always, your contributions help to keep hazardous materials and repairable devices out of landfills and back into service.

Warmer weather also means the return of hurricane season, something that Michigan may not be overly concerned about but those living on the coast are certainly watching closely. According to the Office for Coastal Management, the cumulative cost of the 2017 hurricane season in the US was over $306 billion making it the most costly season on record. Despite only experiencing these storms secondhand through pictures and video, the 2017 season inspired me to evaluate what I could offer to disaster relief through my own work. What can be done to ensure proper, eco-friendly storm cleanup? What options exist for mobile water and power distribution? How could these services be delivered in a way that generates income but offers essential services at the cheapest price possible? I’ve been working on answers, and a road map, for a little while and I hope that I can share that in the months to come.



One of the biggest additions to the site is actually a return item, I’ve resurrected the “gaming” portion of the site and have plans to do a series picking up where an old article left off. Gaming Nostalgia is well into the preparatory phase as I continue to buy old games, pair them off for features, and locate additional titles for future work. I never saw myself being a collector of any one thing, but as I look back I can clearly see the markers of a used video game hoarder. Sure, I’ve parted with some over the years, but recently I’ve accumulated more Playstation 1 and early 2000’s PC titles than I feel comfortable admitting. It’s a really good thing the average price per title in the last month has been under $5 otherwise I’d need a new place to live! You can read more about this under the Other Projects tab.




Lastly, MCsquared Customs is still alive, I swear. I’ve hit some pretty major snags in my painting and I’ve had to return to the classroom until I get that under control. In summary, second coats of paint are pulling up or cracking the primer and first coat. Hopefully I’ll have some pic updates for Instagram in the coming weeks once I work out the issues. I’ve also acquired an airbrush from a family member, I’ll have some time to clean and get familiar with that very soon!

If you haven’t taken a tour of the new pages and sections yet, take a look and leave me some feedback. I’ll be posting one or two of these updates a month as I get more ready for release. Tech is always getting love and updates, and Gaming should see steady content as we enter the fall and cooler months.

We will talk again in June. If you’re headed outside be sure to wear sunscreen!


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