MAY 1ST, 2018

I’ve elected to do some formatting updates to the site, some of it long overdue. As I continue to expand the projects associated with MCsquared Tech and expand on some other new adventures, it’s becoming clear that I need to combine all of the social media accounts on one platform for visibility and let the reader venture off to the right place. Was that enough word salad for anyone else?

In April I started a new hobby with Hot Wheels and Matchbox customs; stripping off original paint and redoing them with my own designs. It’s a bit of quiet work that gets me thinking creatively and away from a screen for a couple of hours a week. You can follow that project under Other Projects > MCsquared Customs and on its Instagram account, I’ve linked it in the connect widget on the sidebar. It’s a slow burn with that project, the lack of dedicated work space means I am working out of our laundry room with fans moving air around. I’ll have some updates on individual cars and the process soon.

I’m also talking with the Mrs. about a new video game feature that her and I could start rolling out intermittently. I’ve recently dove back into older games, similar to a posting I did a while ago with Star Wars: Dark Forces, and I’d like to continue with that format. Hopefully we can work out the timing and content we’d like to start working on this Summer and roll out a series of articles or videos in the fall when we come back inside. Related to this, I’m working on a Let’s Play style channel for some of the games I’ve been enjoying to this point. No more spoilers for now, I’ll get some content worked on when the weather gets rainy or cold again.

Finally, I’ve started to consolidate the pages for MCsquared Tech into one area. I’m fighting with formatting at the moment, but in the coming days I hope that everything will fall under one page header with a couple of sub-pages in a drop down menu. As that project grows I’ll be using this site as the headquarters for thoughts and goals. Check back often if you’re interested!

Here’s hoping it’s warm where you are, Michigan is having its first 80 degree day this year. I’m off to enjoy it!


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