About MCsT

A few things led to the beginning of MCsquared Tech; the birth of our son, the ongoing news regarding the Right to Repair and a stance against planned obsolescence, as well as the frequent presence of TVs in our neighborhoods weekly trash. All of this led to the decision to make a difference by repairing or recycling whatever I could get my hands on. My mission is to reuse, repair, or recycle as many machines and electronics as I can, as well as ensure of proper disposal of plastics and papers in my personal and professional life. Every day is an adventure and a new opportunity to learn, and I treasure all of these lessons so that I may one day pass on what I have learned to my own kids. There is no Planet B.

In my “master plan” for the project/hobby/work I’m doing, this is Phase One. It’s a research, experience, and knowledge-gathering stage meant to broaden what I know and how to better make a difference. When I meet the goals of this phase I can move onto the bigger missions of phases two and 3, projects that aim to provide for people in disaster zones as well as ocean cleanup. I hope to provide a detailed write-up on that someday soon!

The pages pertaining to MCsquared Tech will give you a glimpse into what I am currently working on/toward, as well as what I want to learn, and what the current inventory looks like. If you have parts, electronics, machines, tools, or any other equipment you would like to donate to the project, or you would like information on how to support the project through other means, please email me here or use the form below!