Create Your Own Sunshine

I was sitting on a sunny beach thinking about coming home when this thought was conceived. It’s taken some time to put into words and being Monday, we could really use some of this insight in our lives. It’s fitting that I publish this today seeing as it’s going to rain for who knows how long this week. Maybe this will help you through the days. Written more as an inspirational piece than anything else, I think we can all agree that bad times always seem so much worse that they really are. And sometimes all we really need to get out of them is a little push.

Some days, the sun just isn’t going to come out. This goes for every rainy day in Michigan, but I’m mostly referring to days in our lives. No matter how hard you try, that dark cloud will follow you and add gloom to your life until you are ready to throw in the towel and call it quits. I’ve been there, on more than one occasion in a week I might add. I’ve been lower than low and I have given up a time or two just because it seems like the rain will never stop and the sun just never wanted to come up. But I’ve also become good at finding a way around all of those feelings.

Sometimes you just need to create your own sunshine.

You don’t need to be an astrophysicist or know quantum mechanics for this either; we aren’t actually creating stars here. I’m talking about creating positive light in your life that can penetrate those thick clouds and gloom and light up your life like a sunny summer afternoon. It’s all in the mindset. It’s about positive thought and action. Good begets good, good makes you happy and happy breaks through those clouds and sunless feelings.

Also remember that there should never be uncertainty in your life, only certainty. It is certain that the sun come up even if you can’t see it, that the world keeps spinning even though you can’t feel it and by God’s grace you are still on this side of the grass. It is also certain that even when things are tough and looking pretty awful, they will always turn around. Yes sir, certainty that if you think positively, things will most definitely be on the upswing for you! Certainty is positive and reinforcing, it provides powerful feelings and drive for whatever you are facing.

So no matter what this or any other week brings you, remember to create your own sunshine. Be positive and be certain.

The sun may not rise, but you will.

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