The Right to Repair

Consumers must to be able to do their own repairs and should be able to do so without paying an outrageous fee for tools or resources.


Car Computer Pt1: Space Ship on a Budget

A Little Background Back in November I started a project that combined a few loves of mine: Raspberry Pi computer projects, cobbling electronics together, and Elite:Dangerous. The idea was simple enough on paper, build a soundboard with a Raspberry Pi that would play specific Elite:Dangerous ship-computer sounds when a button was pressed then install the [...]

The Time I Almost Played College Football

I had a dream this morning that demanded being published. Nothing has been edited, this is exactly how it happened. All week the teamsĀ had been doing their insane training regimen. Running miles in their gear, intimidating the locals and digging trenches in front lawns so that they could all hunker down and shout at passers-by. [...]